Featuring presentations from leading experts such as:

  • Brigadier General Michael Stone
    Assistant Adjutant General
    Michigan National Guard
  • Mark J. Morrison
    CRISC, Defense Intelligence Officer, Cyber Directorate for Analysis
  • Brad Arkin
    Senior Director, Security
    Adobe Products & Services
  • Scott Borg
    Cyber Consequences Unit
  • Roger W. Kuhn Science Advisor
    Fleet Cyber Command/Commander
    10th Fleet
  • Randy Bachman
    Cyber Security Technical Lead
    Federal Communications Commission

Welcome to IDGA’s Cyber Warfare & Security Summit 2012
Advancing the Protection of Sensitive Networks

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The Cyber Warfare & Security Summit 2012 will discuss the newest developments within the cyber warfare domain, new technologies on how to identify and counterattack hackers and how a perfect cyber warrior should look like. The event will also take a closer look on how to react faster and more efficient on cyber attacks and international alliance structures to establish cyber security. Prior to the main conference the event will kick off with a focus day discussing the human capital crisis the cyber security is currently facing and battling with 10.000 new cyber warriors.

In-depth discussions will cover:

  • How the United States plans to prevent cyber terrorist attacks: Defining and improving cyber security and cyber warfare
  • What are current planning scenarios for cyber attacks: Attributing and responding to malicious attacks; Enhancing the network infrastructure
  • Legal aspects for cyber warfare:
    How to confront the Chinese threat and the importance of international alliances for cyber security

Network at this years’ most exclusive event on cyber security and benefit from topics such as:

  • The definition of actions for your cyber warfare plan
  • Attributing an attack and real-time scenarios
  • How to conduct a cyber attack? Who has the competence to order an attack?
  • The cyber landscape in 2012 versus 2020
Space and cyber capabilities provide the U.S., our allies, and our partners with unprecedented advantages in national decision-making and military operations, in homeland security, in economic strength, and in scientific discovery.
Gen C. Robert Kehler Commander, USSTRATCOM
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